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FuiYoh! News > Review > Agent J-Jolin Tsai Latest Album
Agent J-Jolin Tsai Latest Album
Published by Liono on 2007/9/29 (8014 reads)
Agent J-Jolin Tsai Latest Album
Here is the Jolin Tsai latest album Agent J (特務J/tè wù J)released on 21 September 2007. Which have 12 track. The extra in this album is that Jolin include a Music DVD which is a 3 parts of short movie. The track no 12 Let's Move It are used in Toyota Commercial.

Track listing
1.Agent J (特務J) tè wù J
2.Bravo Lover (愛無赦) ài wú shè
3.Alone (一個人) yī gè rén
4.Fear-Free (怕什麼) pà shén me
5.Ideal State (桃花園) táo huā yuán
6.Prologue of Tacit Violence (冷.前言) lěng qián yán
7.Tacit Violence (冷.暴力) lěng bào lì
8.Priceless (非賣品) fēi mài pǐn
9.Metronome (節拍器) jié pāi qì
10.Golden Triangle (金三角) jīn sān jiǎo
11.Sun Will Never Set (日不落) rì bù luò
12.Let's Move It

Interested with this album.Get it here

Agent J (特務J/tè wù J) Playlist

Let's Move It have been use in Toyota Commercial

She facing a lot hardness during the making of the DVD. Watch the interview here.

Meet the fans video clip.

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Agent J-Jolin Tsai Latest Album - Review - FuiYoh! News